Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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Files tree view

This view can be found in the Files perspective. It allows to select or browse devices upon a physical point of view. In this view, you will find:


You can select any item in the tree, all contextual menu action will be applied recursively. For example, if you selected both your ROCK main directory and your POP main directory, then you right click and select Play shuffle, Jajuk will play randomly all your ROCK and POP tracks.

Dragging and dropping items

At any time, you can drag one or more items (and drag them into the Queue view or the Playlists view.for instance).

Press CTRL or SHIFT to select several items. A drop into the Queue view will result into an immediate play of your selection. 

Play or Push default behavior during a drag and drop can be set in the Preferences view, Mode tab.

Graphical synchronization with the table

If the tree view synchronization toggle button is set, a click in the Table causes the tree to auto-expand to show associated items.

Contextual menu

Many actions (like PlayPushCreate a report or Properties) are available from the different items using contextual menu (right click). The features can depend on the nature of the item.

Items contextual menu includes :

Devices only

See using devices for more details about devices.

Directory only


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