Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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The commands

The commands are located at the bottom or the top of Jajuk window. They are always visible in all perspectives and control the player and start smart functions.

Image:search_16x16.png The search box can be used to find any file, track, genre, artist, album… for a given text. A result popup appears. Then launch the track by clicking on the list: the track will be played immediately.

The history bar

Image:history_16x16.png The history bar shows all tracks you played (can be cleared and configured in the Preferences view). Click on one track to launch it again. Note that tracks in the history bar may be on devices that are no more mounted. In this case, Jajuk will ask you to mount them if available.


Modes set the player behavior when selected before and during the play. All combinations of modes are allowed. Note that you can see which tracks are repeated thanks special icons in the [view_playlist_editor.html playlist editor view].

Smart functions

To avoid selecting tracks, you can use these high-level smart functions:

All these smart functions can be filtered using the ambience selector combo box. Select the Any ambience to stop filtering

Controlling the music player

Rating current songs

Image:Inc_rating_16x16.png increase the rating of the current playing song (5 points by default, you can set the step using the drop-down arrow at the right of this button)

Slim bar

Image:Full_window_16x16.png Essential Jajuk functions are available in the slim bar: History, favourite, rating, previous track, pause, stop, next track, mute/unmute. To enable/disable the slim bar, use the icon  on the top right corner.

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