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Jajuk is a Java music organizer for all platforms. The main goal of this project is to provide a fully-featured application to advanced users with large or scattered music collections.

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Others great cross-platform players part of the common-jukebox collaboration: aTunes, Jukes Other good audio tagger : Jaikoz

Jajuk main principles are:

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Jajuk is a Free Software published under the GPL license and downloads are available for any Java capable systems.

Help make Jajuk rock!

This project is open for any type of contribution. To lend a hand, visit the Team Page or make a donation.

What’s Being Said About Jajuk

Jajuk is suitable both for playing various music formats […] and as a powerful iTunes replacement. — Thomas Hartfeld, c’t magazine (translated from German)

I think it’s the most powerful jukebox out there. — M. Nestor, Softpedia

I’ve had love affairs with almost all of these players at one point or another, but Jajuk is looking really good at the moment. — Adam Pash, Lifehacker

Major events

Jajuk 1.10.7 released ! – August 25 2014 15 bug fixes, better shuffling, hotkeys support under 64bits Windows systems, Spanish langpack updated, new “Delete” option from the queue Release notes 1.10

Jajuk 1.10.6 released ! – May 25 2013 3 bug fixes, OSX release fixed up Release notes 1.10

Jajuk 1.10.5 released ! – May 11 2013 8 bug fixes Release notes 1.10