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Jajuk is a Java music organizer for all platforms. The main goal of this project is to provide a fully-featured application to advanced users with large or scattered music collections.

Jajuk main principles are:

Help make Jajuk rock!

This project is open for any type of contribution. To lend a hand, visit the Contribute Page or make a donation.

Others great cross-platform players part of the common-jukebox collaboration: aTunes, Jukes Other good audio tagger : Jaikoz

What’s Being Said About Jajuk

Jajuk is suitable both for playing various music formats […] and as a powerful iTunes replacement. — Thomas Hartfeld, c’t magazine (translated from German)

I think it’s the most powerful jukebox out there. — M. Nestor, Softpedia

I’ve had love affairs with almost all of these players at one point or another, but Jajuk is looking really good at the moment. — Adam Pash, Lifehacker

Major events

Jajuk 11.0 <Deepest Blue> released ! – November 07 2019
Support for Java 11 and 13. Release notes

Jajuk 1.10.9 released ! – February 22 2016
Libraries upgrades. Release notes 1.10

Jajuk 1.10.8 released ! – January 30 2016
12 bug fixes : Changelog
Release notes 1.10

Jajuk 1.10.7 released ! – August 25 2014
15 bug fixes, better shuffling, hotkeys support under 64bits Windows systems, Spanish langpack updated, new “Delete” option from the queue
Release notes 1.10

Jajuk 1.10.6 released ! – May 25 2013
3 bug fixes, OSX release fixed up
Release notes 1.10

Jajuk 1.10.5 released ! – May 11 2013
8 bug fixes
Release notes 1.10

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