Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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Want to hack Jajuk ?

Please provide your contributions from GitHub through pull requests. Ask us before implementing large features. Please read the developer guide.

Integrator procedures

Find here the procedures when adding a library, when releasing or when adding a langpack.

Main websites at a glance

Main website Main website Github Github
Integration server Integration server Quality Center Quality Center

Team rules

We ask members to follow these basic rules:

Daily builds

Jajuk daily builds and test coverage/results are available from the Jajuk Continuous Integration website. Please make sure you didn’t broke the build. All unit tests should pass as well or fix them.

Version rules

Code names

Codenames in Jajuk refers to songs names that have been performed by different artists but this is not an absolute rule. No more than two or three words easy to remember and eventually to pronounce worldwide.

Major release process

The Jajuk release process usually takes from 8 to 10 weeks.

User documentation

Jajuk is now a pretty large software using a few relatively advanced concepts like perspectives & views, custom properties or devices. As a developer, you will obviously have to know and understand the application concepts. All of them are described in the User guide, please make sure to read it in depth and to upgrade it required.