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Translator guide


Anyone can translate Jajuk, no computer science is required. Note this is a voluntary work.

For any question or comments, please contact us.

Current Jajuk version translation should take few hours and upgrade only few minutes.

Jajuk translation

#Jajuk {your language} langpack.
#Written by : {your name}
#Copyright {current year} The Jajuk Team, this is part of Jajuk distributed under the GPL V2 license
#FROM {source language} {current date in YYYY/MM/DD format}


#Jajuk Galician langpack.
#Written by : Xabier Cancela
#Copyright 2008 The Jajuk Team, this is part of Jajuk distributed under the GPL V2 license
#FROM en 2012/06/11
ParameterView.73=Check this if you allow others people to come read music from your box
ParameterView.74=Password :
ParameterView.75=Set password access to your box. 
ParameterView.73=Accepter que d'autres utilisateurs lise la musique située sur votre machine
ParameterView.74=Mot de passe :
ParameterView.75=Fixez un mot de passe à votre machine.

Optional, for translators with developer skills

If you want to test your work (ant must be installed):

Translation upgrades

As you can imagine, Jajuk evolves and new releases brings new labels or change them. Before new releases, the packager sends messages to the project mailing list to request translation upgrade. Note that if some new labels are not translated, they will simply be displayed in English. Hence, a partial langpack is not critical. The hard work is the first translation : upgrade a translation usually requires only few minutes. You only need a web browser and a text editor supporting UTF-8 (see suggested text editors in the Jajuk translation section). You can upgrade your translation whenever you want. What you have to do when upgrading a translation is :