Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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The Preferences view

This view contains all the Jajuk preferences. You will have to press the Apply button in the lower part of the view to actually apply changes. You can reset everything to the ‘factory’ defaults by clicking on the restore defaults button (the changes are then applied).

Security notice: all passwords set here (proxy password, Last.FM password...) are *not* stored in clear in the jajuk configuration files but obfuscated.
Note that few [hardly used options](http://jajuk.info/index.php/Special_options) are not accessible using the graphical interface but can be set by editing the configuration file.

Options tab

This tab contains some general options:

Modes tab

This tab contains player engine preferences:

Sound tab

This tab contains Sound preferences:

GUI tab

Startup tab

This tab is used to select Jajuk startup mode [default=Last one at last position]:

Patterns tab

This tab is used to fine tune several patterns

History/Ratings tab

See also the Jajuk rating system.

Last.FM tab


Covers tab

This tab is used to tune covers (see view_cover).

Confirmations tab

This tab is used to tune confirmations.

Network tab

This tab is used to tune network options (useful if used inside a corporate network for example)

Advanced tab

This tab is used to tune some Jajuk advanced parameters

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