Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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Catalog view

This view displays all your albums as cover thumbnails, hence providing a visual representation of your collection. If an album has several cover, this view displays the default cover. Setting a default cover in Cover View refreshes the thumbnail in this view. Album thumbs are generated at their first display only and cached on disk afterward.

Sorting and filtering albums

Show/Hide albums without cover

The bottom-left side combo box (default value is “Display all albums”) enables to show or hide albums without covers. It can be useful to see albums without covers to interact with them (play, get a cover online…). Three modes are possible :

Thumbnails size

The Thumbnail size combo box allows thumb size selection (from 50x50 pixels to 300x300, default is 150x150).

Page selector

If the returned albums don’t fit on a single page, the display is splitted into several pages. You can navigate rewind or forward pages using buttons or select directly a page from the combo box.

You can set the number of albums per page from the Preference view / GUI tab , default is 200.

The contextual menu

Contextual menu on thumbnails features:

The Grab Covers Online wizard

This dialog allows user to perform an online query to get a matching cover. If covers are found, navigate through them using the buttons next and previous. You can select matching covers using the OK button.

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