Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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Using web radios

Launching a webradio

To launch a webradio from the command bar, just click on the webradio button in the main window and the currently selected station will be played (can take a while for some stations, because of the caching process). Webradios can also be launched from the Webradio view.

Selecting a webradio

Adding or removing a webradio

Adding or removing radios are available from the Webradio view.

Tips to find and add web radio stations

The following explains how to extract the web radio URL from some radio web site or radio portal. A good example of a radio listing website is the Reciva Radio Portal available at https://www.reciva.com/  (more than 10,000 radio stations up-to-date). To retrieve the radio URL of your choice:

Contributing to default Jajuk webradio directory

You can add webradios to the default Jajuk list (can be taken into account next release after our moderation). Just edit this wiki page.

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