Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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Using tables in views

Editing table items

Some tables have two edition policies :

Use this button Image:edit.png located in the filtering panel to switch from one mode to the other.

Synchronization with tree view


If the table view synchronization toggle button is set, a click in the Tree view filters accordingly files of this table view.

Filtering panel

To filter tracks/files following some criteria, select the criteria using the combo box (track name, artist and so on), then type the filter value in the text field and type [enter] (note that filtering occurs also automatically when typing stops). If filter value is void, all tracks/files will be displayed. _Any_criteria means that search is done on all available criteria. Word order is ignored.

Selecting columns to show

To select columns you want to show, click on the column selector button:


then select columns to display by checking columns:


Others features:

Selection / drag and drop

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