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Editing tags and properties

You can set tags and properties from :

The Property dialog


The Property dialog can be used to display and edit all properties for a single item or a multiple-selection. It is accessible from:

You can also use the Alt-Enter keystroke.

The Property dialog contains the following fields :

When all properties are set, click on Apply to update properties and commit them in music files if tag properties.



Some properties are stored in collection and in the music files itself (like ID3 tags) at the same time. These properties are: genre, artist, album, track name, year, comment and track number.

If you change tags via another application, use “Perform a deep tag scan” option and launch a device refresh to take them into account in Jajuk (see Preferences view).

Note that tags are stored in Unicode (UTF-16LE) in files. This encoding is compatible with all players (Windows Media Player or Winamp for instance) and allows Asian people to correctly edit tags using Jajuk.

Get tags online

Jajuk enables to change all tracks for an album using CDDB music online databases (like freedb). To use it, select “Get tag online” function on a directory node in Physical Files Tree view in contextual menu.

Extra tags


By default, Jajuk only work with a small number of tags (artist, year…) but the music files may content many others. You can enable any tag into Jajuk using the ”Extra Tag Configurations” dialog.

If you want Jajuk to display extra tags, i.e. the composer of a mp3 file, you must add these extra tag to your Jajuk collection. You can do this easily with the new extra tag configurations.

You can start the configurator by clicking on the menu “Properties” / “Extra Tag Configurations”.

Extra tags can only be displayed. After you activated them, a deep refresh of your collection is performed. After that, you can enable the tag in every file table, where you want to display it.

Custom properties


Jajuk offers a way to add custom attributes on almost any item (files, playlists, artists, albums…).

Important notes

How to create a new custom property ?

In frame top menu, select Properties / Create custom property :

Then, click on OK to create the custom property.

How to remove a custom property ?

In frame top menu, select Properties / Remove custom property. The remove property wizard features:

Then, click on OK to remove the custom property. Note that all values will be lost for this attribute. In case of manipulation error, see Restore collection.

How to set values ?

Values for custom properties are set just like any other.

Using custom properties the Web 2.0 way

Custom properties allow a “web 2.0” flavor searches:

Tag your music using your key word: a concrete example

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