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New Features Highlights in Jajuk 1.9

Better table/tree synchronization

Sync tree table

Note : The old “table/tree sync” option no more exists.

Repeat all feature

New “repeat all” mode : Play the entire queue in a loop.

Note : We also re-introduced the Continue mode toggle button directly into the command panel (in 1.8, it was only available from Modes menu).

Repeat all feature

Drag and drop enhancements

Note : if you already use Jajuk, disable the “Push on drag and drop” option in Preferences view / “Options” tab to make it work this new way.

New patterns

New patterns

New notification system

Repeat all feature

Extra tags : it is now possible to see any tag from jajuk

Extra tags

Note : Jajuk supports now all tags supported by the jaudiotagger tag library

Read covers from tags

If a cover is stored in your music file, Jajuk can display this cover now. You can also set a tag cover as the default cover for the whole album.

Mac OSX support

Jajuk Mac experience has been largely improved :

Prepare Party reworked

“Prepare Party” exports sets of music to an external location and create a playlist so it can be played out from Jajuk. This feature was fully rewritten for 1.9 and is now much more powerful. It is also suitable for exporting parts of the collection for playing on MP3 players. Some features are specifically geared towards more limited devices, e.g. by limiting the chosen media types to only one media format if the MP3 player can not cope with other formats.

Prepare Party 1

Prepare Party 2

Prepare Party 3

The functionality is available as part of the “Tools” menu and in the Playlist View, where it opens with the current playlist pre-selected.

Lyrics view improvements

Lyrics view improvements

Slimbar improvements

Slimbar improvements

Donation feature

Jajuk donation

Others enhancements includes :

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