Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

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Devices view

This view displays devices you created and manages them. Please read the using devices to learn about devices principles.

Note you can also create Folder devices using the quick start devices wizard (top menu, Device wizard).

The devices repository

In the lower part of the devices view, you will find devices you created. The green arrow on the bottom of a device means it is now mounted.

Image Click on this shortcut to create a new device

Image Data CDROM

Image Folder from your hard disk

Image Network drive (Netbios, Samba, NFS…). Under Windows, use drive letter path (like T:\...) but not network favourites path or UNC paths (like \\server\directory)

Image MP3 Player.

Note that you can use a player with jajuk only if it is seen by your OS as a simple USB drive, not like iPods that use proprietary protections.

![Image](ext_dd_mount_64x64.png External Hard Disk or storage device like USB keys (mainly on USB or Firewire)

Contextual menu on devices features

Full documentation of the following actions in the section using devices.

The device configuration wizard

This window appears when you create a new device or when you update some properties of an existing device. You can show device properties by double clicking on it, by using contextual menu, Get Properties or by selecting the device and using the Properties button in the Control Pane. It features:

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