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Jajuk leverages Git SCM since jan 2011. This page centralizes information dealing with developing Jajuk with Git.

Quick guide for new developers

(Ask on the list if you need help with Git)

When you'll be a regular commiter, you may want to become an official member and push directly to the jajuk-team Github repository


Git is very powerful and innovative but also very different from Subversion we used previously and is also more complex. We assume that you understand basic concepts of Git. If it is not the case, please read first (by preference order) :

Public Git Repository

The Git URL for clone/push is ssh://git@github.com:jajuk-team/jajuk.git

Git and Eclipse

Most Jajuk developers currently use Eclipse (but it is not mandatory) and Jajuk is Eclipse-ready (.project and .classpath Eclipse configuration files are provided out of the box). Eclipse recent releases comes with the eGIT plugin enabled.

Branching workflow

Branching workflow (CC-BY-SA Vincent Driessen)

We use this worflow, please make sure to read it carefully. To sum up :

See http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/

Social coding

We use GitHub. The most prominent features brought by GitHub to our project are :

GitHub repositories interactions are summed up bellow :

Jajuk Git interactions