Release notes 1.5

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Important Release notes

  • After a first collection refresh, the CPU consumption can stay high for several minutes, it is due to thumbnails creation (only once), check for more information
  • A deep refresh of all your devices is strongly encouraged if upgrading from any release < 1.4.3 (from Files tree view or Devices view / right click / Force Refresh / Deep)
  • [Windows/ Web Start] The first startup will take a while (in the "Initial checkups" step), as the required mplayer executable is downloaded
  • [Linux and MacOS, Jajuk 1.4.2 and above] If mplayer is not available, you can get sound skips because of some memory optimizations that affect Linux and Mac that don't use mplayer. It can be fixed easily, check:

Known issues database

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Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jajuk qualification tests

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