Release notes 1.3

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Important Release notes

  • Jajuk 1.3 should work with no problems using Java 6
  • [Windows/ Web Start] The first 1.3 startup will take a while (in the "Initial checkups" step), as the required mplayer executable is downloaded from us.
  • Upgrading to version 1.3 can force a deep refresh for available devices (and this takes a while). We strongly advise that you perform a deep refresh of other devices manually (Physical tree view / right click / Force Refresh / Deep).
  • When using Catalog view for the first time, all thumbnails are created (this too can take a while), and this can lead to brief pauses in playback, only during this process.
  • [If updating from Jajuk 1.2 Java Web Start] Your collection may be voided. In this case, rename directory <home*>/<your username>/.jajuk_test to .jajuk (note the dot). (*) Home is c:\Documents and settings\ under Windows, or /home under Linux/Unix/Mac OSX.
  • When upgrading from 1.2, date-format custom properties will be lost. In future versions, they will be saved correctly. If your collection is of great importance and this is a serious issue for you, please contact us.
  • Reporting an issue using the embedded quality agent (Help-> report an issue) is not possible using Thunderbird under Windows. Use this link instead.

Jajuk qualification tests

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