Release notes 1.2

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Last update : 2006-05-26


Import release notes

  • Upgrading to 1.2 will reset your perspectives (windows) to the new default to allow you to access to new views.
  • When using Catalog view for the first time, all thumbnails are created (this can take a while) and it can lead to sound short pauses only during this process.
  • From 1.1, Jajuk features automatic devices refresh. Set an appropriate refreshing time interval in device wizard (in device view, click on the device icon). By default, it's 30 sec for hard drives and no refresh for network drives or CDs. Note that devices created using the device wizard are not refreshed as well.
  • Reporting an issue using embedded quality agent (Help-> report an issue) doesn't work with Thunderbird under windows. Use this link instead:


Jajuk qualification tests

White: not tested, green: passed, orange: passed partially, red: not passed

Tester(s) Packager Validator Release
Bertrand Florat, Jerome Fortain, Sung Pil Moon Bertrand Florat Bertrand Florat 1.2


Env name env1 env2
Suse Linux 9.3 kernel 2.6 Windows 2000 Pro SP3
Sun 1.5.0 Sun 1.5.0

Use-case tests



Result env1

Result env2


Packaging tests : install Jajuk in several languages.Version overwriting tests : install Jajuk over previous release directory, then remove the directory and install it to a new location. Start and close Jajuk at each test.



Tests with existing collection from previous release: start jajuk, lauch some tracks.


VOI Test with a void collection OK


Tests from scratch. Remove .jajuk directory, create a directory device with auto-refresh, lauch some tracks and then quit Jajuk and start it again, lauch some tracks, quit and test again.



Tests on large files (entire album in a single file)



Tests on formats : lauch at least one mp3, ogg, au, aiff and wav file.



Devices tests : create a directory device, refresh it, unmount it, mount it, remove it.



Device synchronization : test with a directory device and a player device, if possible, try to mix FS : ext3 for directory, FAT32 for player.



Instant search box : perform some searchs and launch tracks.



History : check all lauched tracks are OK. Clear hisstory and launch others tracks, check it again.



Compile and test the installed jajuk sources



Startup tests : change startup option and test it.



Test Jajuk in English and at least with 2 others langpacks, check translation for untranslated fields if any.



Change Look and Feel, test it.



Check stats



Check elapsed / remaining time in information bar



Check About and online doc in all languages.



Command panel tests : rewind, forward, volume...



Physical and logical playlists tests.



Tests covers display and manipulation




Change views size / position, close jajuk and restart, check position is saved. Reload default configuration.



Change resolution (800x600 to 1600x1400) and check everyhting's OK



Launch corrupted tracks and check behavior (error message in information panel, history bar...)




Tray tests


CCP Create Custom Property for each type (String, date, boolean...) and change some values in table or property wizard, restart jajuk and check values. Remove custom propery, restart and check. OK
CTG Change Tags (OGG and ID3), check track with jajuk and others players ( XMMS, Winamp). Caution: WMP keeps a local buffer so chnages made from Jajuk may not be reflected. OK
UMT Unmounted tests (Hide unmounted device=off), unmount a device and check access to its items (should ask to mount), check logicial items behavior. Set Hide unmounted device=true and check again. OK
ARF Auto-refresh tests: remove/add files and check right changes are reflected on UI OK
KEY Test keyboard controls OK OK
CDB Test CDDB retaging on directories (Get tags online) in physical tree view OK
ORG Test file organizer (right click on a directory in physical tree view) OK
DJS Various tests on ambiences and DJs OK
WIK Wikipedia view (Windows only) test (change language...) OK
RAN Random tests, general use tests in every views. OK OK

Non-regression tests

White: not tested, green: passed, orange: passed partially, red: not passed

Known issues

Known issues:


Have fun using Jajuk !


Total: 47 bugs - Score: 237

Final: 06/06/30 - 4 bugs - score: 16 o [SM] Difficult to read text in blue background (stat view) [3]

  • [BF] Useless message on perspectives at first launch [3]
  • [GD] German langpack upgrade
  • [GD] Wizard buttons too small [2]
  • [ER] Fix for an reorganizer issue under windows [8]

rc7: 06/06/27 - 4 bugs - score: 18

  • [SM] Korean langpack
  • [JF] Default button has wrong size in ambiance wizard [5]
  • [ER] Fix for the case recognition issue under Linux [6]
  • [JF] Modifing ambiances not reflected in the command panel drop down button [5]
  • [BF] French labels spelling [2]

rc6: 06/06/25 - 6 bugs - score: 35

  • [BF] Issue in validating autorefresh value in Device wizard in some cases [2]
  • [BF] Google just changed image search page, this fix it to allow online covers search again [10]
  • [BF] UI not refreshed after a directory to be added or removed in auto refresh mode [5]
  • [BF] Device view panel UI fix [1]
  • [BF] Transition DJ should work now [7]
  • [BF] [REGRESSION] Deep scan was broken (wrong styles) [10]
  • [BF] Changed default look and feel to Liquid
  • [BF] Added Shuffle/novelties/bestof filter by ambience

rc5: 06/06/22 - 10 bugs - score: 55 Note: the track ID method changed, you should get a lot of logs and a longer startup once.

  • [BF] Minor perf enhancements on refreshing
  • [BF] Wrong icon in french doc in page using djs [2]
  • [BF] Wizard now keeps memory of filled fields between screens [4]
  • [BF] [SINCE < 1.0] Track Id recalculated when changing language [10]
  • [BF] Use relative path in saved playlist to make them usable if absolute path changes[7]
  • [BF] Wikipedia view frozen if none track playing [6]
  • [BF] Wikipedia should refresh is current played track author name is changed [2]
  • [BF] Duplicate highlighted lines in playlist editor when queue list is selected [5]
  • [BF] [BLOCKING] If user unselect "show Jajuk at startup" option in tray, jajuk is no more accessible next startup (no tray) [10]
  • [BF] Various bugs on displaying/hiding custom properties in tables [7]
  • [BF] Play icon in table size should be static [2]

rc4: 06/06/19 - 12 bugs - score: 60 o [BF] 2 more fixes on digital DJ [7]

  • [BF] [Regression] Issue on right click in playlist editor view [0]
  • [BF] 12 ambiances created by default
  • [BF] Wrong First time Wizard position at first startup [2]
  • [JF] Various minor issues on DJs [5]
  • [JF] Personnal messages not anonymized [5]
  • [JF] Some wrong tooltips and messages on DJs [4]
  • [BF] Some labels changes (style-> genre, track name->title)
  • [BF] English and french doc upgraded (includes three new pages: Using DJs, Files organizer and wikipedia view).
  • [BF] Shouldn't ask for deep or fast scan when creating devices [7]
  • [BF] Minor fix in rating system [2]
  • [BF] Upgrade issue: perspectives not reseted [8]
  • [BF] Bidirectional synchronization fixed [8]
  • [BF] Huge bug in Jajuk Filter [10]
  • [BF] Minor fix in search box [2]

rc3: 06/06/10 - 6 bugs - score: 43 o [MK] English labels review [8]

  • [BF] Missing waiting cursor when changing properties [2]
  • [BF] Transition DJ: startup style not remembered when changing [8]
  • [BF] Missing key for DJ Wizard [5]
  • [BF] [IN 1.1] Randomly, jajuk can launch wrong track in playlist editor view when double clicking [10]
  • [BF] Drag and drop doesn't work anymore in Playlist Editor view [10]

rc2: 06/06/05 - 6 bugs - score: 26

  • [BF] Fixed proportion DJ algorithm [6]
  • [BF] Fixed jajuk-logo and play icon in table view [2]
  • [BF] Track unicity not respected for Ambience DJ [5]
  • [BF] Various fixes and enhancements on playlist editor [7]
  • [BF] Refresh views after change on any device without wiating for all

devices scanning [4]

  • [BF] Creating an ambience shouldn't be mandatory in ambiance wizard [2]
  • [BF] New splashscreen

rc1: 2006/05/26

  • Initial RC