Release notes 1.1

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Import release notes

  • If you experience sound saturation with jajuk < 1.1.5, upgrade to jajuk 1.1.5 or later as it fixes several sound issues.
  • When using Catalog view for the first time, all thumbnails are created (this can take a while) and it can lead to sound short pauses only during this process.
  • From 1.1, Jajuk features automatic devices refresh. Set an appropriate refreshing time interval in device wizard (in device view, click on the device icon). By default, it's 30 sec for hard drives and no refresh for network drives or CDs. Note that devices created using the device wizard are not refreshed as well.
  • Reporting an issue using embedded quality agent (Help-> report an issue) doesn't work with Thunderbird under windows. Use this link instead:


Bug database:
Known issues:

Jajuk qualification tests




Jerome Fortain, Bart Cremers, Arne Bergmann, Bertrand Florat


Bertrand Florat


Bertrand Florat




Env name




Suse Linux 9.3 kernel 2.6

Sun 1.5.0


Windows 2000 Pro SP3

Sun 1.5.0

Use-case tests

White: not tested, green: passed, orange: passed partially, red: not passed



Result env1

Result env2


Packaging tests : install Jajuk in several languages.Version overwriting tests : install Jajuk over previous release directory, then remove the directory and install it to this unexisting location. Start and close Jajuk at each test.


Tests with existing collection : start jajuk, lauch some tracks.


Tests from scratch. Remove .jajuk directory, create a directory device with auto-refresh, lauch some tracks and then quit Jajuk and start it again, lauch some tracks, quit and test again.


Tests on large files (entire album in a single file)


Tests on formats : lauch at least one mp3, ogg, au, aiff and wav file.


Devices tests : create a directory device, refresh it, unmount it, mount it, remove it.


Device synchronization : test with a directory device and a player device, if possible, try to mix FS : ext3 for directory, FAT32 for player.


Instant search box : perform some searchs and launch tracks.


History : check all lauched tracks are OK. Clear hisstory and launch others tracks, check it again.


Compile and test the installed jajuk sources


Startup tests : change startup option and test it.


Backup tests : change backup options and test them.


Test Jajuk in English and at least with 2 others langpacks, check translation for untranslated fields if any.


Change Look and Feel, test it.


Check stats


Check elapsed / remaining time in information bar


Check About and online doc in all languages.


Command panel tests : rewind, forward, volume...


Physical and logical playlists tests.


Tests covers display and manipulation


Change views size / position, close jajuk and restart, check position is saved. Reload default configuration.


Change resolution (800x600 to 1600x1400) and check everyhting's OK


Launch corrupted tracks and check behavior (error message in information panel, history bar...)


Tray tests

CCP Create Custom Property for each type (String, date, boolean...) and change some values in table or property wizard, restart jajuk and check values. Remove custom propery, restart and check.
CTG Change Tags (OGG and ID3), check track with jajuk and others players (WMP, XMMS, Winamp)
UMT Unmounted tests (Hide unmounted device=off), unmount a device and check access to its items (should ask to mount), check logicial items behavior. Set Hide unmounted device=true and check again.
ARF Auto-refresh tests: remove/add files and check right changes are reflected on UI
KEY Test keyboard controls
CDDB Test CDDB retaging on directories (Get tags online) in physical tree view
RAN Random tests, general use tests in every views.

Non-regression tests

White: not tested, green: passed, orange: passed partially, red: not passed

Bug number



Known issues

Known issues:


Have fun using Jajuk !


1.1 final: 06/01/28 - 2 bugs - score: 10

  • [BF] Missing items in global bestof [6]
  • [BF] Issue on unmounted tracks on special functions [4]


  • [BF] [PERF] Better display of no cover thumbs in catalog view

rc14: 06/01/28 - 7 bugs - score: 60

  • [BF] External items in playlist message during forced refresh [10]
  • [BF] [CHECK] In some cases during a next/previous, 2 tracks played together [10]
  • [BF] Documentation fixes [4]
  • [BF] CDDB retagging from physical perspective should change only selected files [10]
  • [BF] Property Wizard autocompletion fix [6]
  • [BF] Severe issue on retagging with same string but different cases [10]
  • [BF] [CHECK] Random issue on next track [10]


  • [GD] German langpack upgrade
  • [BF] All logical items are now case sensitive to fix issues
  • [BF] Removed All logical items are now case sensitive to fix issues
  • [BF] Removed property wizard auto-completion: too complex
  • [BF] Removed restart collection option

rc13: 06/01/26 - 4 bugs - score: 31

  • [BF] Start at last position no more works [10]
  • [BF] Minor Catalog view filtering issue [3]
  • [BF] Playing an album from catalog view is shuffled [9]
  • [BF] Fixed partial downloads and black borders in get cover online wizard [9]

rc12: 06/01/26 - 1 bugs - score: 2

  • [BF] Playlist editor display issues when stopping [2]


  • [BF] [PERF] Faster compareto for tracks
  • [BF] Remove duplicate events (volume changed)
  • [BF] [PERF] When exiting, stop sound ASAP

rc11: 06/01/26 - 3 bugs - score: 15

  • [BF] Close window ASAP when exit is required from menu or tray [3]
  • [BF] [STABLE] Play next album drop first track [10]
  • [BF] Fixed wrong Dutch characters [2]

rc10: 06/01/25 - 6 bugs - score: 40

  • [BF] No waiting cursor when searching CDDB [3]
  • [BF] French i18n: missing labels [3]
  • [BF] Gap for remote files and cross fade [8]
  • [BF] [STABLE] Keep selecting removed playlist file [10]
  • [BF] Update playlist after an external change and a forced refresh [6]
  • [BF] [STABLE] Fixed merge/collapase of multiple playlist files logical playlists [10]


  • [BF] [PERF] Logical tree sorting method change about 10x faster

rc9: 06/01/24 - 10 bugs - score: 47

  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc8] Sorting in physical tree should be case unsensitive
  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc5] Wrong sorting in playlist repository views
  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc7] Wrong next track
  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc5] Tracks lost and re-registrated
  • [BF] Stopping using control panel display 2 error messages for ogg vorbis [10]
  • [BF] Various issues with control panel [10]
  • [BF] Sorting method lost after a DEVICE_MOUNT event in logical tree view [8]
  • [BF] Wrong error message when seting a custom property in property wizard and deleting first character [3]
  • [BF] Fix on NL langpack [10]
  • [JF] Catalog view: need to wrap lines [6]

rc8: 06/01/22 - 9 bugs - score: 45

  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc5] Problem with files on directories with same name and different cases
  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc7] Severe refresh issue
  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc5] Canceled cover optimization if unvisible: too complex and bug-proof
  • [BF] Missing manager synchronization on tree populate [6]
  • [BF] Filter option in catalog view not saved [7]
  • [BF] Filtering issue on catalog view (to check)[6]
  • [BF] Wrong ID issues fixed, track ID calculation changed so you should have the wrong track ID message only at next startup [10]
  • [BF] Fixed (to check) issues when several views loading common images (sychronization) [8]
  • [BC] Fixed on tray/ control panel mute synchronization [8]


  • [BC] Dutch langpack upgraded

rc7: 06/01/21 - 13 bugs - score: 77

  • [BF] [REGRESSION rc6] Fixed novelties playlist issue (please check it)
  • [BC] Arrow keystrokes no work in tree and table views [7]
  • [BF] At first startup, window too large [6]
  • [BF] [STABLE] At second startup, configuration perspective forced [10]
  • [BF] After a syncrhonization, destination device should be force-refreshed [7]
  • [BF] Sync message issues [4]
  • [BF] Several fixes in en and fr documentation [5]
  • [BF] Missing part of continue button in 800x600 [3]

o[BF] Should display full playlist file path in playlist repository tooltips [3] o[BF] Inapropriate mantatory warning when changing playlist name with auto-refresh [7] o[BF] New playlists not immediately visible in some cases [7] o[BF] Local covers not displayed if device refreshing [8] o[BF] Catalog view command panel display problem for low resolutions [10] Changes

  • [BF] Popupmenu position changes in catalog view, please check
  • [BF] FirstTimeWizard UI enhancencements
  • [BF] History tab UI enhancencements in parameter view
  • [BF] Clever startup behavior: now try to mount startup file device even if no automatic mount
  • [BF] [PERF] Faster playlist refresh

rc6: 06/01/19 - 5 bugs - score: 30

  • [JF] Fixed sorting issues (Dead references) [10]
  • [JF] Warning messages color too light [1]
  • [JF] Device test issue for network drives [5]
  • [BF] Specified icons not used in information dialogs [4]
  • [BF] Fixed sorting and filtering issues in catalog view [10]


  • [ER] Get tags online on devices feature
  • [BF] Documentation updated in en and fr
  • [BF] Use Commons Collection bidimap to fix sort issues
  • [BF][Perf] Avoid trying to create corrumpted covers at each event

rc5: 06/01/15 - 6 bugs - score: 32

  • [BF] 2 minor fixes in Catalog View [5]
  • [BF] Check concurrent session: error message option should be OK, no OK/Cancel [1]
  • [BF] Typo in forced refresh message on secs [1]
  • [BF] Fixed 3 issues in auto-refresh and cleanup [10]
  • [BF] Window position/size not kept in some cases [5]
  • [BF] Gain limited to 2/3 to avoid sound saturation [10]


  • [GD] German langpack upgrade

rc4: 06/01/14 - 6 bugs - score: 29

  • [BF] 2 minor fixes in Catalog View [5]
  • [BF] Show track information with file information in playlist editor [3]
  • [BF] Issue when creating thumbs in some cases [3]
  • [BF] Seeking should release GUI [6]
  • [AB] Sychronization destination missing in Device wizard [7]
  • [BF] Better handling of errors in search box to release it [5]


  • [GD] German langpack upgrade
  • [BF] French langpack upgrade
  • [BF] Changed JVM options to limit sound stops especialy using cross-fade

rc3: 06/01/10 - 13 bugs - score:56

  • [BF] Logical tree view: sorting compbo and menu items not sychronized: 5
  • [BF] Clever behavior for fade: if memory is low, force full gc instead of fade to avoid stops [10]
  • [BF] Fixed an issue on refresh for files beginning or ending by a space [5]
  • [BF] Yet another out of bounds issue on volume, prevent UI from starting [10]
  • [JF] Table Selection cleared when changing item with tree/table sync [4]
  • [JF] UI freezes when using CDDB retagging, Fix to check: I use a SwingWorker, waiting feedback
  • [BF] Wrong size for thumbs in catalog view: 50 pixel less [5]
  • [BF] Right clic on playlist editor should select row and then show popup [3]
  • [JF] Should be possible to use contextual functions in playlist editor for queue playlist [6]
  • [JF] CDDB Wizard should be resizable [2]
  • [JF] Setting a default cover in playlist editor should update thumbs in catalog [6]
  • [JF] Contextual menu on catalog items should be left-aligned to make it visible in all cases [2]
  • [BF] Right clic on playlist editor should select row and then show popup [3]


  • [BF] Physical tree view: disable CDDB retagging option if void directories
  • [JF] New Properties menu item in playlist editor contextual menu
  • [JF] Found cover size added in Catalog Online search wizard
  • [BC] New keystrokes with arrows for sound and navigations
  • [GD] German langpack upgrade

rc2: 06/01/08 - 2 bugs - score:15

  • [BF] Logical tree view: code cleanup, enable sorting in all cases, store sorting method : 5
  • [BF] Many fixes and enhancements on Catalog view online cover grabber : 10

rc1: 06/01/07

  • Reference

Total: 95 bugs - Score: 520