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Name Jajuk articles Language Notes 2010 article Article (PDF) Image:EnFlag.png
RMLL 2009 Speech Video (fr) Slides (en) Image:EnFlag.png Image:FrenchFlag.png
Sourceforge Blog, February 16th, 2010 by leeschlesinger Dude, where’s my music? Jajuk knows Image:EnFlag.png
c't special 'Für Augen und Ohren' (translated: for eyes and ears), Issue No. 13/09 (Software Collection 4/09) Jajuk 1.7.2 on DVD Image:GermanFlag.png Quotes
c't special on digital media, Nov 2007 Jajuk 1.3.11 on DVD Image:GermanFlag.png
c't magazin für computer technik, no 11, May 2007 Jajuk 1.3.7 on DVD and short article about it in the magazine (page 135) Image:GermanFlag.png Quotes
WIRED blog, January 2007 Wired blog Image:EnFlag.png
Linux Planet, no 33, Decembre 2004 Test Jajuk 0.3 page 31 Image:FrenchFlag.png


Image:downloadatlas.png Image:softoxi.png Image:review2_5_Jajuk_award.png Image:sp_editor_excellent_s.gif Image:uptodown.png Image:downloadtubes.gif


Download web sites

Name Jajuk articles Language Notes image:article2.png Blog article Image:EnFlag.png The Sourceforge Blog image:article2.png Article Image:EnFlag.png The Sun Java main website
SourceForge image:article2.png Article Image:EnFlag.png SF hosts Jajuk.
Freshmeat image:article2.png Article Image:EnFlag.png You can subscribe for new Jajuk releases.
Framasoft image:article2.png Article Image:FrenchFlag.png The FLOSS French well known website
Softpedia image:article2.png Article
image:interview.png Interview
Image:EnFlag.png Excellent Jajuk Review and a Jajuk admin interview
mp3machine image:article2.png Article Image:EnFlag.png Download web site
Superdownloads image:article2.png Article Image:EnFlag.png Download web site image:article2.png Article Image:EnFlag.png Download web site
Freeware Heaven image:article2.png Article Image:FrenchFlag.png Download web site image:article2.png Article Image:FrenchFlag.png First French download site by 01net image:article2.png Article Image:FrenchFlag.png IT French news and download site
Uptodown image:article2.png Review Image:SpanichFlag.png Spanish download site image:article2.png Page Image:GermanFlag.png German Download website) image:interview.png Interview Image:FrenchFlag.png French Blog)

Others websites


Name Jajuk articles Language Notes
The Gaussian Sotware Study, March 2009 Presentation of Jajuk within course of Advanced Topics in Software Engineering Image:EnFlag.png


Name Jajuk articles
Linuxaria image:interview.png Article(Italian) (dec 2010)
image:interview.png Article(English) (dec 2010) image:article2.png Article(French) (2007)
image:article2.png Article(French) (2004) image:article2.png Article(English) image:article2.png Article(English)

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Name Jajuk articles Language Notes
Koders Jajuk code search Image:EnFlag.png Code search engine
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